Pastel Goth Palette Review

I am a huge Kat Von D Beauty junkie and after missing out on last holiday’s Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette I have a hard time passing on any of their limited edition releases. Thus, even after being kinda let down by the look of the Pastel Goth Palette I still had to have it. In my defense it did come out the day before my birthday so I looked at it as a sign (and also a perfect gift).

The palette has eight shades: Star a matte daffodil yellow, Clementine a matte peach, Meow a matte lilac, Dope a matte lavender, Doom a matte sky blue, Gloom a matte meadow green, Dagger a matte stone grey and Skull a matte pure white. The paletteĀ retails for $51 CAD at Sephora. I was also pretty surprised by the price as this palette has 8 shadows weighing in at .06oz each while the MetalMatte Palette they released for Holiday 2016 had 22 shadows also weighing in at .06oz each and retailed for $74 CAD. This means that you’re paying $3.36CAD per shade in the MetalMatte Palette and $6.38 CAD per shade in the Pastel Goth Palette. That is a pretty huge price increase, especially when the quality in the MetalMatte Palette was so high (those shimmers though!) The packaging is total perfection though, much like all of Kat Von D’s other products.


It’s not like the Pastel Goth Palette is bad, it’s definitely a pretty great palette but the value just isn’t there and you need to be into these shades for this palette to really be worth it in my opinion. Now I am a lover of all things bold when it comes to makeup but I think wearing the shades from this palette alone in a look just made me feel kind of childish. To me it is like a palette made up of perfect colourful transition shades (and one highlight Skull). I find myself reaching for this palette when I need to pull in a transition shade for a colourful eye look. Clementine is hands down my favourite shade in the whole palette followed by Meow and Dope. The pigmentation is pretty light and can sheer out with blending but it is a pastel colour palette and I think that’s to be expected. The colours are definitely buildable though and for ultimate colour pay off use a white base. The shadows are a bit chalky and dusty but again I think it’s to be expected with a pastel coloured palette. I didn’t notice any fall out when applying to the lids which is a plus. The formula is pretty on par with their other matte shadows, highly blendable and easy to work with.

In summary I would only recommend this palette to people who love this colour story, need some nice coloured transition shades in their kit, or for collectors like me who love to have all the beautiful makeup palettes they can get their hands on.

Below are a few looks I’ve done using the Pastel Goth Palette.





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