Afterdark Palette Review

Happy Monday! I’m back with another review today on a (sort of) new release from Urban Decay – the Afterdark Palette. I purchased this palette with one of my Christmas gift cards to Sephora after reading so many really positive reviews. I wanted to see if the hype was real since I have been kind of disappointed in some of my recent Urban Decay purchases (looking at you Full Spectrum Palette) and I was really hoping to love this palette. Unfortunately this ended up being a miss for me.

The palette retails at $59 CAD and contains 10 eyeshadows weighing in at .06oz each for a total of 17g of product and one dual ended brush. This works out to be $5.90 CAD per shadow. The 10 shades in this palette (as described by the company) are as follows: Alter a metallic white-gold with gold shift, Scene a light metallic pinky-peach with gold shift, Supersonic an intense metallic red-copper, Sinful a metallic golden amber, Off Duty a deep metallic bronze, Druggie a metallic purple with violet shift, Backfire a burgundy satin with purple shift, Lounge a brick red satin with green shift, Fringe a bright metallic teal and Paralyzed a navy with tonal metallic shift.

I know Fringe is available in the Electric Palette (which I have and love) and I already had a single of Lounge from one of my Ipsy bags and that shadow was ok for me. The shade is beautiful and I love the duo tone element but it was chunky and had some major fallout. Backfire is also available to purchase as a single.


My favourite shadow from the palette was surprisingly Alter. It is such a beautiful highlight shade and can also work on the face. It was buttery and smooth, easy to blend and had great pigmentation. In the pan Scene was STUNNING but it just didn’t translate the same on the lids for me. Fringe and Paralyzed were also very pigmented. The palette as a whole though just under preformed for me. I didn’t find any of the other shades to be very pigmented, and I really had to dip my brush in the pan a few times to get the colour pay off I was looking for. A wet brush definitely helped but it still didn’t blow my mind. Plus the colours all muddied together upon blending which is a pain because you have to keep going back over the colours if you want to create any separation.

Obviously this is a not a stand alone palette as there are no mattes and you would need to pull from other palettes to get a complete look. This doesn’t bother me but I do know myself and the tendency for me to reach for accessory palettes such as this is usually pretty low. I just like the ease and convenience of a palette with a complete range of shades personally, but palettes like this are nice to include in your collection for a pop of colour.


I also compared some of the shades in this palette to my Kat Von D Beauty MetalMatte Palette as there are some similarities. Volt, Nebula, Flash and Synergy are all from the MetalMatte Palette and are definitely close matches for Backfire, Paralyzed, Sinful and Off Duty but I wouldn’t say they are complete dupes. Synergy and Off Duty are the most similar. However, I love the formula of the shades from the MetalMatte Palette so much more than the Afterdark. They are super pigmented, even with a dry brush and they are buttery, smooth and blendable.

As always, reviews and opinions are such personal things so I would never really tell anyone not to buy something. I think different things work for different people and everyone should try it for themselves. For me, the Afterdark Palette just didn’t work. I already have most of these shades in other palettes that preform much better, and it just fell short of my high expectations. Though if they ever come out with a single of Alter I’d be all over that for sure!

Here are some looks I created using the Afterdark Palette.




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