Tarteist Pro Palette Review

Yup, it’s that time again… time for another review! Today we will be diving into the Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. I purchased this palette at Sephora for $69 CAD and it boasts 20 Eyeshadows at .035oz each for a total of 20.6g of product. This works out to be $3.45 CAD per shadow. The palette is a mix of 16 mattes and 4 luster/duo chrome shades and include (as described by the company)  Classic a matte cream, Innocent a soft matte peach, Whimsy a matte brick, Smoked a matte dark brown, Ethereal a luster bronze, Vintage a matte ivory, Fierce a matte cool plum, No Filter a matte purple mauve, Vamp a matte deep plum, Glam a luster champagne, Chic a matte pale pink, Profesh a matte taupe, Mod a matte deep cherry, Drama a matte maroon, Minx a shimmering mauve, Indie a matte gray, Bold a matte light brown, Edgy a matte chocolate, Punk a matte black and Trendy a prismatic teal.


This palette has had a bit of controversy surrounding it since it’s release with people either loving or hating it. I don’t even feel like mentioning all the drama regarding it’s launch in Bora Bora because it’s so silly but in the name of a thorough review I will. I guess it really rubbed some people the wrong way that Tarte took some big name Influencers to Bora Bora in celebration of the launch of some new products including this palette. I for one just don’t care. Maybe I’m wrong but if I was invited to go on a trip with Tarte I wouldn’t pass that up, and it’s definitely an effective way for the company to promote and market their products. I guess those who were disappointed in the palette were turned off by Influencers giving it positive reviews and feared they may be biased (or bought?)

But alas I digress from the actual palette itself.

I actually really like this palette in all honesty. Yes, a couple of the dark shades such as Vamp, Drama and Punk are a bit stiff and a little patchy but that’s nothing unique to this palette as I find dark purples and black shadows can be tough to get the formula right on the money. And yes, the “duo chromes” aren’t really duo chromes save for Trendy. But again that didn’t really bother me because I didn’t purchase this based on those 4 shades being duo chromes but I can see why you’d be disappointed if that WAS why you bought it. The (poorly labelled) duo chromes are still the best part of this palette hands down. They are super pigmented and buttery and apply beautifully on the lid with both dry or wet brushes. The mattes are fantastic quality as well and again are really smooth, buttery and blendable. They can muddy up a little bit depending on how many shades you use but if you stick to a transition, crease, lid colour and highlight you can’t really go wrong here. I don’t travel often but when I do I know this will be  my go to palette as it really has everything – neutral mattes, pops of colour and beautiful shimmery shades.


Overall I would definitely recommend this palette! If you already have a lot of these shades and aren’t really into collecting palettes (or hoarding them) then maybe it’s not for you but for me it’s a winner. I love the versatility within this palette and it preforms really well. The packaging is really beautiful with a massive mirror (!!!!) and lovely gold detailing and I think it’s a good value for your hard earned dollars.

Here are just a couple of the looks I have done with this palette.




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