Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

It’s a pretty nasty morning here in Toronto, skies are cloudy and we are prepping for a big snow storm that is supposed to hit us this afternoon. I can’t think of a better time to review the perfect spring palette! Today we will be talking about the beloved Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. This is the second release of this hyped up palette and I decided to see what all the noise was about.

I am kind of late to the Too Faced shadow game as I just received the OG Chocolate Bar palette for Christmas but I fell in love with it and wanted to try some more. Honestly though I am usually fairly underwhelmed with Too Faced palettes because I think they just kind of recycle the same colours over and over again. How many brown shadows does one girl need? With that being said I did love the quality of the Chocolate Bar palette, the shadows are beautiful, the smell is AMAZING and every time I reach for the palette I feel like I’m about to open up a Wonka Bar and reveal a golden ticket. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic but I definitely get all the feels from this palette. I didn’t feel the pull to get any of the other Chocolate Bar palettes though, as I just think they are WAY too similar. But the Peach Palette, well that’s a different story.


Unless you’re living under a rock (or just don’t follow makeup news) you’ve heard all about the Peach Palette. This is currently the #1 selling palette at Sephora and, from what I’ve heard, was nearly impossible to get the first time around. But Too Faced loves us and has not only re-released the palette but has also made it permanent (yay!). The palette retails for $59 CAD and comes with 18 shadows weighing in at .03oz each for a total of 17.1g of product. This works out to $3.28 CAD per shadow. The shadows in this palette (as described by the company) are: White Peach a matte vanilla cream, Luscious a pearl peach champagne, Just Peachy a shimmering peachy pink, Bless Her Heart a golden moss, Tempting a bronzed black, Charmed, I’m Sure a matte medium cool brown, Nectar a pearly peachy cream, Cobbler a peachy pinked bronze, Candied Peach a matte coral with violet shimmer, Bellini a gilded peach, Peach Pit a satin perfect raisin, Delectable a matte smoky amethyst, Peaches ‘n Cream a matte milky peach, Georgia a matte peachy pink, Carmelized a dark gilded bronze, Puree a metallic dark bronze (am I crazy or is this a matte and not a metallic?), Summer Yum a matte gingerbread and Talk Derby To Me a shimmering black violet.


So how do I feel about this palette? I friggin’ love it, that’s how I feel! I really love the colour story here, I think Too Faced did a great job including some great mattes, transition shades, crease shades, lid shades and pops of colour. The shimmer shades are buttery goodness and the mattes are lovely and blendable. There are a couple shades such as Delectable and Talk Derby To Me that are stiffer than the rest and a bit patchy but nothing you can’t work worth and it doesn’t tarnish the quality of the palette overall. And that scent though! It is SUPER strong and is more of an artificial candy peach scent rather than a natural (is that possible?) peach scent so if that’s not your bag than you’ll probably hate it. Literally every time I open my palette drawer I am smacked in the face by this peach scent which I happen to love but it’s certainly not for everyone. It’s very cute and kitschy and nostalgic for me and just puts a smile on my face.

I think the one con is there definitely could be a few more peach toned shadows but overall I’m really pleased with it and love the looks I’ve created so far. It’s such a versatile palette and one that I’m really inspired by when I open it up. You can create soft, natural looks or more dramatic, smokey eyes depending on your mood or event. I would say this palette lived up to the hype for me and I would highly recommend it.

Here are a few looks I’ve created using the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.





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